SuperMusic is a new jailbreak (By an iOS developer called @saltb0x) that gives you entire music control options right from your lock screen. In addition to the basic functions, pause/play, volume up/down and forward buttons, you got the rest of your iPod options for those who use their iPhones as iPods and would like to have easy access to the rest of the media controls. SuperMusic offers you fast-forward, rewind, stop, shuffle, and a full track listing of the music library.

It`s worth noting that the design is not exactly the most attractive. It still needs some work. Maybe the later updates will bring a better design. Another thing that might not be a good thing for some users is the many options the widget adds to the lock screen at once.

Hopefully all of these issues will be worked out in future updates but what we have now is a handy tweak.

SuperMusic is available on Cydia`s BigBoss repo for $ 1.00.



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