Last week, we received ground-breaking news by the BigBoss repo guys about a Semi-tethered jailbreak for iOS 5 which you can install after you tether jailbreak on your handset via RedSn0w or Sn0wbreeze jailbreak tools, which allows you to reboot your device while you`re away from your PC which is without a doubt a life saver.

However, the functionality of your device after a tether jailbreak was limited. It didn`t allow you to use mobile Safari or use your mail app. You were also strongly advised against adding an iOS 5 notification while you`re in semitether booted state lest your phone gets stuck in a respring loop till you get home and “boot tethered”.

Today we received some great news with regard to those annoying limitations. Semitether jailbreak received an update 0.9.1. It now incorporates Saurik`s latest mobile substrate; a framework which allows developers to install patches to system functions. This allow patched Safari`s unfunctionality on semitether meaning that you`ll be able to use Safari now.

More changes this update brings to the table are more stability with the new MobileSubtrate and the ability to monitor the status of the semitether jailbreak on iOS 5. As well as Patches Safari so it works properly in non-tethered jailbreak mode.

It`s worth noting, however, that the software is still in beta stages which means it`s still not 100% safe to use it.

the iPhone Dev-Team has recently talked about an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 which not only supports iPad 2, but also the recently released iPhone 4S. Since there is currently no ETA for a full untethered jailbreak.


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