Many iPhone 4S have been complained about the battery drainage issues on the iPhone 4S. The battery seems to be draining faster than it should be indicating a running app in the background. So far the reason behind this battery life problems has not manifested itself, but we have been given many tips as an attempt to find a solution for this major issue.

Apple engineers have also been trying to fix this problem.For that purpose, Apple`s engineers have reached out to a lot of iPhone 4S users to solve the battery drain issue.

One iPhone 4S user collaborating with Apple engineers reported that he experienced 10% battery drainage every hour of standby and even when the device wasn’t being used. The user tried all the previously offered fixes like turning off Siri,and location services, but no hope.

He even tried setting the iPhone 4S as a completely new device and didn’t restore from any previous backups. Still, the issue remained.

He was afterwards contacted by a senior Apple engineer who admitted that there really is a problem with the iPhone 4S and asked this user if he could install a monitoring program on his iPhone 4S. He also asked him a lot of questions about his phone usage.

This issue is by far mind-boggling for the iPhone 4S has theoretically speaking 0.05 Wh more capacity than the iPhone 4 battery, but Apple has mentioned in the specs that the standby time is 300 hours, while that of the iPhone 4 is 300 hours. Again we have no reason why this difference in battery standby time.

It`s possible that the powerful A5 chip processor could be sucking a lot of power, Siri, and the improved camera. However,all these are speculations. No one knows till now what`s going on exactly.


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