We posted a couple of months ago about the Amazon`s unveiling of the Android operated Kindle Fire tablet which stands in completion to Apple`s iPad being set at a price of only $199 and featuring a 7- inch-touch screen, a dual core processor which in comparison to the $499 iPad ,is a pretty good compromise.

The tablet is set to release on November 15th, and judging by the leaked pre-order figures which shows quarter of a million anxious customer have flocked to pre-order the device. Sources claim that the tablet is being manufactured at 2,000 units per hour, equivalent to 50,000 per day to cover the huge number of pre-orders.

If the demand on kindle Fire continues at the same rate,that would mean a 2.5 million pre-orders by the launch date and which by turn would place Kidle Fire head to head with the biggest selling first month tablet of all time, the iPad 2. The iPad 2 release in March sold 2.5 million units,a 150% increase from that of its predecessors.

The completion between the two tablets is fierce, but worth watching. Can Kindle Fire reach the 2.5 million by the launch date?


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