According to TechCrumch via Silicon Valley CEO – was a friend on Steve Jobs – “Apple has 1000 engineers working on new chips for future Apple devices,” said Jobs. “getting low power and smaller is the key to everything.”

Silicon Valley CEO added:

We got to talking about why Apple is so well-positioned in the post-PC era, and this executive zeroed in on something you don’t hear too often.

Talking about Apple is talking about the future, the brightness, innovation, and Steve Jobs. In case we take a quick look on what Apple has, Apple employs more than 50,000 people worldwide, 30,000 of them in its retail stores. So 20,000 people are working for the company, 1,000 of them are those who are working on new chips. That’s a big number!

Apple develops those new chips so that they can put a computer into anything like a smartphone, a tablet or may be event a TV.

Steve Jobs has already set the plans for Apple’s next-4-years-of-products. Those new powerful chips may be from Jobs’ vision.

For mobile chips, Apple has made the iPhone 4 with A4 chip, both the iPad 2 and the recently iPhone 4S comes with the most-powerful-chip-yet, the A5 dual-core processor.

What kind of chips do you think are those?

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