Before the announcing of the iPhone 4S, rumors were going around about a bigger screen new model; a 4 inch screen one. That`s why many users were disappointed with the iPhone 4S that has the same screen size as the previous models. Have you asked yourself why Apple didn’t give you the bigger screen you were hoping for? Let`s have a look first.

According to Dustin Curtis, the reason is to give users maximum usability of the phone. He starts compating the Galaxy S II with the 4.7 inch screen. Imagine yourself walking down the street, holding the phone in one hand, and looking at Google maps. That`s when you`ll feel how annoying a bigger screen would be. It`s really difficult and frustrating to reach the other side of the screen with your thumb which means you`ll have to use your other hand, while on the iPhone, you can easily and comfortably reach the end of the screen without having to flip over. See,things don`t just happen !

Since Apple treats it`s iPad as a two-handed device, it`s unlikely it will put as big a screen as the Galaxy S II `s on its iPhones.


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