Infographics. Everybody loves ‘em. They’re like great big pictures that tell a thousand, and often more words, all in a colorful and image-laden way.

The latest infographic to come out of AllAreaCodes charts the barrage of iPhone 5 rumors that started almost as soon as its predecessor, the iPhone 4, found its way into stores worldwide. The image covers a bit of that too, and mentions the much delayed, and highly anticipated release of the white iPhone 4, as well as Verizon version of the black handset just beforehand.

After that, it’s purely a rumor-fest. with all the major talking points thrown in for good measure.
Remember all those claims that the next iPhone would be a smaller, lighter handset dubbed the iPhone nano? That soon went by the wayside didn’t it? And they really had to since they weren’t backed up by solid evidence.
Talk of an iPhone sporting a new, larger screen started to gather pace as well, with an edge-to-edge screen believed to give us the larger screen without the need to increase the overall dimensions in the process. That’s a rumor we liked in particular, and we’re still holding out hope for that to turn up come the Apple iPhone event on Tuesday.
Other rumors that just won’t go away include the 8 megapixel camera, supposedly manufactured by Sony, a Sprint CDMA version of the iPhone to launch alongside AT&T and Verizon, and everyone’s favorite – will Apple launch two handsets next week?
The belief that we will see a cheaper iPhone be released alongside a flagship model is one that has come from numerous rumors from various sources over the last few months, and the iPhone nano probably started that one off. We’re not convinced about that here at Redmond Pie, with Apple usually choosing to keep the outgoing model around as its entry-level iPhone, and the iPhone 4 would make one impressive entry-level handset.
Could we be wrong? Yes, yes we could, and if we are we’ll be the first to hold our hands up.
The best thing about all these rumors? In just five days time, we can put them all to bed for once and for all. Then we can get started on the iPad 3, can’t we?


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