With a few tweaks + hackers + cellphones you can creat an an installation that breathes fire when you snap a photo, a remote-controlled boat with GPS, a bike that uses colored lights to spell out secret words only visible when captured on camera, and more.

Giving hackers, artists and intellectuals free reign to mess with the various Xperia phones, Sony found out just how capable its handsets really are.

Here’s 3 videos and 3 apps made by Xperiastudio:
(1) Illutron: A Boatload of Inventors:

(2) The Invisible Universe: What color is the night sky? Black? Sure, to the untrained eye. But with Xperia arc and Dr. Peek’s latest app, you can view the heavens in all their invisible glory: X-rays, gamma rays, far infrared, and more.

(3) Patch A Signal: Ah, Paris: The sights. The food. The sampled micro-beats made from everyday sounds and arranged by Annabel Linquist to make music. A love song backed by the sounds of the city of love.

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