AppleSplash Apple TV News from the Web: Edition 2Welcome to the second edition of Apple TV News from the Web! In this issue we have a mix of Apple design history and present, mixed with more Jobs’ related news. After all, it’s only a week after his resignation. In case you missed, you can read the first issue here.

We are open for submissions: if you find anything related to Apple TV and you think it may fit here, send us a tweet or a Facebook comment and we’ll post it the coming week.

Edition 2:

1. The Apple Logo
2. Kicking in, Steve Jobs
3. The Mighty Jonathan
4. Pricing, Pricing
5. Cool!

The Apple Logo

Apple’s logo is probably one of the most easily identifiable. It has gone by several iterations [1] but has been easily recognised since the colour strips in the 80s. Designed by Ron Janoff, not by one of the company founders or designer, but by an advertising man [2]. Of course, being so distinctive ensures quick lawsuits if someone has a similar logo… Or even not a very similar logo, like this poor company in China has found out [3]. One more reason to be happy with our awesome new logo!

[1] Neven Mrgan’s Tumbl, The Apple Logo, Neven Morgan
[2] Creative Bits, Interview with Ron Janoff, creator of the Apple Logo,  Ivan Raszl
[3] GoChengDoo, Apple Tells Chinese Food Company To Change Its Logo, Staff

Kicking in, Steve Jobs

We’ll be seeing these kind of posts for a while. Remembrances of one of the technological leaders of our time, satyres to make us laugh, comics. What it feels to be Steve’s neighbour? It means seeing him almost every day, doing business in his garden. Walking around the street. And you also get to see how his sickness gets worse [1]. Sad story, about someone who has seen Steve very often. There are a lot of lessons we can get from Steve, and some of them are best seen in this short and sweet infographic [2]. And in case you missed, you can always watch the ever famous Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish Stanford’s Commencement Address [3]

[1] Palo Alto Patch, My neighbour, Steve Jobs, Lisen Stromberg
[2] The Daily Beast, The Ten Commandments of Steve Jobs [infographic], Leander Khaney
[3] Youtube, Stanford’s Commencement Address 2005: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish, Steve Jobs

The Mighty Jonathan

Jonathan Ive, Apple’s chief designer starts a new battle [1]. One of Apple’s strong points is design. Nice design, sleek design, perfect design. And Jobs and Ive share parts of the pie for doing Apple’s products the most brand-clear, sleek and sought after. Now “Jony”, as he is known will have to face the struggle for the perfect design (ignoring focus groups, market research and anything else as before) without Jobs’ support. Alone.

[1] LA Times, Apple Designer Jonathan Ive Enters a New Era, Jessica Guynn

Pricing, pricing

Apple gadgets are overpaid? A lot of people think so. But once you make the numbers, a MacBook, iPad or iPhone are cheap. You have top notch hardware, and a software capable of getting the most of this hardware without hassles. And if you are not convinced, check this [1] about managing supply chains to lower costs. Or compare a generic tablet with an iPad.

[1] Splatf, The New Apple: The Best Gadgets, but Also the Best Prices, Dan Frommer


  • The magic numpad, a sticky addition to your Magic Trackpad to turn it into a… numpad!
  • Beta 7 of aTV Flash (Black): we’ll be following with a full blown post about this soon… Stay tuned!
Image courtesy of swkaplan@flickr

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