PopPod Tweek For The iPod Music Experience On Your iPhone

Since the iPhone series was created in the image of iPod, it was expected to have its every single feature. Well, that didn`t turn out to be the case. A lot of users were greatly disappointed at the music functions of the iPhone which were surprisingly derived from the world`s most popular music player.

The iPod surely provides all the necessary basic functions in an efficient way, yet it lacks this “breath-taking” factor-the ability to have full control of your music as you would on iTunes. By that we mean, smart play listing on the go, the ability to easily add album covers from Google images .

A new music controls called PopPod is developed as a part of the TweakWeek Challenge, which gives those looking for a better hand over their iPod app. So, if the standard iPod controls were iPad 1, PopPod would be the iPad 2 with a degree of improvement.

This tweak functions as a replacement for the iPod controls you get when you double-tap the home button. You can decide how PopPod works or how it is initiated through Activator as well as use it instead of the iPod controls on your lockscreen. 

In addition to these features, you get to preview a thumb of the album art, view lyrics,open the iPod app itself, and activate shuffle. One downside yet is the inability to switch shuffle on and off. You get a volume to adjust the sound, which you can also achieve by using the buttons on the side of the device.

The price of this app is $1.49 at the BigBoss repo. It may not seem a lot, but for such a limited functionality app, some may bet to differ. That being said, this app does to a degree enhance your music experience.So, if you think you are interested in an app like that, why not give it a try.
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