JailbreakMe by Comex

Remember the guy who made the easy to use JailbreakMe software? Nicholas Allegra aka Comex got hired by Apple as an intern. Congratulations Comex, you deserve this job! Comex will be starting his job the week after next. He hasn’t revealed his job position yet, but judging by his skills he will probably be working on security.

What does that mean for the jailbreaking community? Well, once he starts working with Apple he definitely won’t be allowed to build jailbreaks. But in response to someone saying “RIP JailbreakMe” on twitter he said that he does hope MuscleNerd from the iPhone Dev Team will be able to work on JailbreakMe 4.0. If Comex is in a security related field, then this will definitely make the cat and mouse game more interesting and fun for other jailbreak developers.

Apple is lucky to have Comex working for them. Please don’t think of Comex as evil or a traitor, because he is just thinking about his future. This is just an intern and it will definitely help build his credits and get more experience in his field.

Source: Comex Twitter feed

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