Reuters reported that the Chinese authorities have discovered 22 fake Apple Stores in the southwestern city of Kunming. These stores were prevented from using Apple’s Logo after Apple filing a complain for its registered trademarks.


China which is famous for faking nearly every thing are now faking more than iPhones and iPads but Apple Stores, The first photo’s was caught by 9to5mac which shows the store to be exactly like an Apple Store with Blue T-shirts, Apple logos, name labels and posters to the floors of the store.



Chinese authorities shut two unauthorized Apple Inc. (AAPL) stores in Kunming for operating without business licenses, a newspaper run by the southwestern city’s government reported.

Chinese authorities has found five fake Apple Stores and already shut down two of them for for operating without business licenses.

Now authorities in China has found 22 more fake Apple stores that has been prevented from using the Apple name and logo after Apple filing a complain.

The report mentioned that:

Chinese law protects trademarks and prohibits companies from copying the "look and feel" of other companies’ stores.

Do you think they got the Apple Store right Smile ? And when they going to stop faking and start innovating?


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