IconCommands, is like an activator for your iPhone icons. You can customize your icons to do certain actions according to the number of taps on it.

iconcommands 01

IconCommands lets you assign what action you want to be done according to the number of taps on the icon.

There is 7 actions allowed to be done by this tweak:

  • None – disable what iOS does when tapping on it.
  • App Info – gives you all the information about the icon you tapping on including the path of it in iFile.
  • Launch Icon
  • Add Icon To Photo Library – adds the image of the selected icon to your camera roll.
  • Hide – it just hides the app from your Home Screen without disabling its function.
  • Set Jiggling – enters you in jiggle mode which allows you to rearrange your icons.

iconcommands 03

IconCommands is available on Cydia under BigBoss repository for $1.99.



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