Use Your iPhone, iPod As An External Keyboard For Your iPad

External Keyboard,a new app let’s you use your iPhone or your iPod touch as an external keyboard for your iPad.


Now you can use your iPhone/iPod keyboard as an EXTERNAL keyboard for the iPad
Did you know that in the iPad you can only select from a few languages in the hardware keyboard layout?
Well…The solution is finally here!
With our application you will be able to use your iPhone/iPod as a keyboard for your iPad! That obviously includes ALL of the native keyboards of the iPhone/iPod, such as Arabic, Greek, Thai, Hebrew and more…

The app connects the iPhone, iPod with the iPad through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The app must be installed on both the iPad and the iPhone or the iPod. Basically this app is a web browser in which you can enter text using your iPhone or iPod touch, so if you are an email you only can write the body of the email using the app but the subject and the recipient’s address will have to be manually added using the iPad itself.
Download External Keyboard app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from Here for only $0.99


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