9to5mac posted leaked photos of iPhone 5 silicon cases. This is the same source who provided them with information regarding the iPad2. Also it was confirmed that the case designs are being shopped to case retailers across the globe.

iphone 5 case 01

iphone 5 case 02

We can’t tell you that the information used to build the case, that we have gotten our hands on, is different than the information revealed yesterday, but given that these cases have actually been built, and given that case manufactures are willing to spend millions of dollars on quality intelligence to maximize on the iPhone 5 launch, we have reason to believe that this iPhone 5 case is indicative of the next-generation iPhone’s design. Or at least a design that touched Apple’s Asia-based manufacturing plants for prototyping… more after the break:

This silicon cases shows a thinner design and maybe an aluminum curved back as Macotakara foresaw in March. Also the designs that were leaked yesterday seems to check out since the Silent button seems to have moved to the opposite side as the designs showed.

iphonee 5

Via | 9to5mac



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