Ryan Petrich is a developer of Cydia scene, well known for some of his projects and the availability and support that gives users via Twitter and other private channels .Petrich has recently launched a new “promotion”, called TweakWeek, which involves the release of some tweaks free for jailbroken iPhone. Today we bring Switcherscape made by Chpwn.

TweakWeek plans to release a tweak free and open source a day . The rules for joining this initiative are very few and simple: the developers will in fact create a new project from scratch for users that will be distributed through the first repository of Ryan Petrich ( http://rpetri.ch/repo ) or private ones developers, and then placed inside one of the community sources in Cydia.

The real difficulty is that every tweak will be created in 24 hours : not a minute more. This makes it so fascinating this challenge from developers that, while developing very simple tweak, provide to other developers (and users) of ideas from which to build new applications.

The function Switcherscape is essentially the same as other tweaks available for purchase in Cydia store, the only difference being that in this case, the download is completely free. By installing this tweak will enable the user to use the multi-tasking even in landscape mode as the default this function is activated only in portrait mode and is therefore very inconvenient if you use it in an app that works in landscape mode instead.

You can download from Cydia Switcherscape adding the repository Ryan Petrich ( http://rpetri.ch/repo ).


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