Apple has just released Safari 5.1 as part of Mac OS X Lion. This new version brings lots of new features, some of which are tied into Lion’s new capabilities. But Apple also released the new version for Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Windows that brings some of the new features.

The new features included in this update :
  • Reading List: Easily add webpages and links to your Reading List to browse when you have time. 
  • New Process Architecture: Safari has been re-engineered for improved stability and responsiveness. 
  • Resume: In the General pane of Safari preferences, you can now choose to launch Safari with the windows from your last browsing session. 
  • Better Privacy: A new Privacy pane in Safari preferences makes it easy to remove data that websites can leave on your system. 
  • Private AutoFill: Safari lets you fill out forms quickly while keeping your personal information private. 
  • Find Option: When you use Find, you can choose whether you want to search for text that contains or starts with the text that you type in the search field. 
  • Drag-and-drop Downloads: You can drag items out of the Downloads window in Safari, so you can easily place downloaded files on the Desktop. 
  • Advanced Web Technologies: Safari introduces support for full-screen webpages, media caching with the HTML5 application cache, MathML, Web Open Font Format, CSS3 Auto-hyphenation, CSS3 Vertical Text, CSS3 Text Emphasis, Window.onError, and Formatted XML files. 
  • New Extension APIs: Developers can take advantage of new Safari Extension support for popovers, menus, new event classes, and interaction with Reader.

The New features which are tied into Lion’s new capabilities :

  • Multi-Touch Gestures: Multi-Touch is built into Safari on OS X Lion, so you can tap, scroll, and swipe your way around the web. And it’s just as smooth, natural, and fun on the Mac as it is on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.
  • Full-Screen Browsing: You’ll be even more immersed in the web when you see it full screen with OS X Lion. Web pages take up every inch of your display so there’s nothing to distract you from what’s onscreen. You can open many web pages full screen – dedicate one page for Twitter feeds, one for video, and another for browsing, for example – and swipe back and forth between them. Or open just one web page full screen while other open pages stay the original Safari window size. And it’s just as easy to switch from full-screen browsing back to your desktop.
  • Better Graphics: You’ll see games in all their glory – especially the ones that use the HTML5 Canvas element. Hardware acceleration for HTML5 Canvas means even faster, smoother graphics. And that means more responsive games and web applications – just as the developers intended.
Safari 5.1 For Mac OS X Snow Leopard requires OS X 10.6.5 or later.

Download from here.

Via | macrumors


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