Update : HUGE Update of the list of Cracked Appz !! Enjoy…

Here is a guide of the all cracked applications you can find on HackStor !!


  • 3DBoard : Gives off a 3D effect to SpringBoard, adding a new dimension of iOS (or DeepEnd)
  • 3G Unrestrictor : Trick the apps on thinking they are on WiFi , even though you are on 3G or EDGE (or My3G)
 – A –
  • Air Home Video : Stream your videos to a new Apple TV2
  • AirPlaySpeaker : Allows your iOS device to be an AirPlay Speaker
  • AlertBlocker : Use Settings app to configure which types of alerts will not be received
  • AndroidLoader : With a single tap, you are able to launch and view all your applications in one place, Android style
  • AndroidLock XT : Have a lock passcode similar to Android (or iLock)
  • AnyRing : Select any music on your iPod library to play as a ringtone
  • AppCake : Download and install cracked applications from AppStore
  • AppLocket : Lock all iPhone apps with a motion lock/unlocker
  • App Switcher Brightness : Adds a brightness slider to the now playing bar
  • App Swicher Ringer : Change ringer volume on the app switcher bar, as well as the music volume
  • App Switcher Rotator : Plugin that Addresses a Display Optimization Issue Currently Existent in the iPhone
  • AttachmentSaver : Extension to the iPhone’s Mail app that allows you to save attachment
  • aTimeTool : Set timers that allow the ability to turn on/off your iPhone’s Airplane mode, Power, WiFi etc…
  • Auto3G : Extend your battery life by automatically turning off the 3G (for 2G) when you lock your iPhone
  • AutoResponder : Automatic reply to anySMS received while it is enabled and send the selected message to the person
  • AutoSilent : Auto configures sound settings based on calendar and custom schedule
  • Auto ShutDown : Timer that you set to shut down, reboot etc, your device at a time interval you set
– B –
  • BackLiter : Adjust your brightness 
  • Barrel : Adds a 3D “cube” effect to your icon pages
  • BatteryDetective : Test the amount of battery drain that Background Applications are pulling
  • BiteSMS : Replacement to the built-in Messaging application
  • Brightness Switcher : Replaces the Volume Slider in the Switcher with a Brightness Slider or adds a Brightness Slider
  • Buzzy : Manage your Google Buzz account
– C – 
  • CalendarPro : Customize when and how your phone will ring based off of your Calendar appointments
  • CallBar : Re-designs the incoming phone and video call interface like on iOS5
  • CallClear : Delete your calls one by one in your history instead of deleting them all (or Recent Call Delete)
  • CallController : Use the built in accelerometer to control your calls. AutoAnswer calls while using headphones
  • Call Counter : Call Counting app 
  • Call Delete : Delete your calls one by one in your history instead of deleting them all (or Recent Call Delete)
  • CallLock : Locks your iPhone screen during a call
  • CallTell : Announce who’s calling you before ringing
  • CameraButtons : Gives you complete touch-free control of your iOS camera app
  • CameraWallpaper : Lets you use the device’s camera as your wallpaper
  • Categories : Allow SpringBoard’s icons to be grouped into folders
  • Celeste : Allows iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users to send and receive files via Bluetooth
  • Chronus : Keep multiple states of a particular program by saving its preferences/settings/databases
  • Click2Call : Allows you to have contacts that you call frequently as springboard shortcuts
  • CodeThemed : Create WinterBoard themes for your iPhone or iPod touch
  • Crackulous : GUI wrapper for the cracking script
  • Cycorder : Video recorder for iPhone 3G
  • CyDialer : Show your favorite contacts on the lockscreen of your iPhone
  • Cyntact : Display profile pictures in the contact lists
– D – 
  • DeepEnd : Creates a 3D feel and add’s depth to your wallpaper (or 3DBoard)
  • Direct Closer Pro : Automatically adds the red cross on icons inside the multitasking bar to close apps quickly
  • DisplayOut : Mirror screen on external display via Apple’s vga and composite cables
  • DisplayRecorder : Record your iPhone display activity and save videos as .avi files (or ScreenRecorder)
  • Dock : App like Dock of Mac OSX,that can manage the background processes, app shortcuts, etc…
  • DreamBoard : Changes your theme easily
– E – 
  • Elert : Whether you’re surfing, reading text messages, or playing a game, you can get a quick email alert
  • EnhancedTabs : Make Safari’s tabs much better
  • External iPod Controls : Convert your volume buttons into iPod controls
  • EZDecline : Restore the “Accept”/”Decline” buttons from a call, EVEN when your phone is currently asleep/locked
 – F –

  • FaceBreak : Enable FaceTime over 3G
  • FastSnap : Allow taking photos/videos using the volume controls (or SnapTap)
  • FindFile : File manager and viewer that is running under user root (or iFile)
  • Firewall IP : Add a firewall to your iPhone
  • FlipOver : Lets you mute or lock your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad simply by putting it face down
  • Folder Enhancer :  Enhance your iOS4’s native folders (no limits, faster…)
  • FoldersinFolders : Add Folders inside Folders
  • FreeStore : install IPAs directly from Appstore for free
  • FreeSync : Allows you to use your Device while it’s syncing with iTunes
  • Front Contacts : Quick way to contact through the lockscreen with a really simple and friendly interface
  • FullPreview : Show you the complete Music Videos for your preferred songs right in the iTunes.app
  • FullScreen for Safari : Offer not only a FullScreen mode: also makes Safari a real multitouch browser
– G – 
  • GPower Pro : Easily perform commonly needed power operations not available from the power down screen
  • Graviboard : Brings gravity to the homescreen, and is guarenteed to amaze both you and your friends
  • Gridlock : Arrange your icons however you would like
  • GridTab for Safari : Enables your opened Safari tabs to show in a grid
  • GroupSend : Allow to send a message to many people in a few taps
  • GuizmoVPN : OpenVPN Gui for iPhone, designed to be easy to setup, configure and run
– H – 
  • HDR Photographer : Enables the taking of widescreen (720p) photos on the iPod Touch 4G with the in-built Camera app
  • HideEmAll : Allows you to hide then recover all your photos and text messages at the touch of a button
  • Homescreen Settings : Adds each preferences page to your homescreen with an icon
  • Home Page in Safari : Set a home page in Mobile Safari by simply tapping the “+” button
– I – 

  • iAccounts : Create users on your iDevice and set different permissions to them
  • iBlacklist : Create a blacklist or whitelist for filtering your contacts
  • iBlueNova : Free your bluetooth and allows you the file-swapping, ringings, videos between iPhones
  • iBluever : Use your phone’s 3G/GPRS network by connecting to the Bluetooth Dial-up Networking service
  • iBye : Backup your data and store that data on a FTP server of your choosing
  • iCallAnnounce : Announce (in a human voice) the name of the caller you’re just receiving a call from
  • iCallLog : Call counter, custumizable call duration, custom call cost , export the summary, filter the call summary…
  • iChat Pic : Shows address book photos next to text messages in the SMS app
  • iClassic : Media player for your library, that mimics the interface of the famous iPod Classic
  • IconHavester : Let you switch alternate icons for your theme on you phone with a nice gui
  • Iconoclasm : Break free from rows and columns, and simply have icons placed freely on your home screen
  • iControl : Automatically manage the state of your WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, and 2G radios to maximize the battery life of your iPhone (or Auto3G)
  • IconNotifier : blocks the popup alerts and instead displays the notification message under the appropriate app icons
  • iDiscreteJB : Securely store your private content (videos, images, …) on the iPhone, and do so in a 100% discrete way 
  • iFile : File Manager and Viewer (or FindFile)
  • iGoogler : Fast access to many applications like Gmail, Youtube, Google reader, etc…
  • iGotYa : Take a picture of the thief or persons face and get the location where your iPhone is
  • iLock : allows you to unlock your device in different ways like Android Phones (or AndroidLockXT)
  • iLockMusic : Show you the content of your musical Library on your lockscreen
  • iLostMyi : Track and recover your lost iPhone with a single SMS
  • iNES : Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator for iPhone / iPod Touch
  • Infiniboard : Have a vertical scrolling of your Springboard’s icons
  • Infinidock : Full dock customization: scrolling, adjustable icon amounts, and more
  • Infinifolders : Add more than 12 applications in the same Folder
  • Insomnia Pro : Allow applications to continue to run and WiFi to stay connected after lock the screen
  • Instant Mirror : Instant front camera on your LockScreen
  • Instapaper plugin Browser support for the popular Instapaper
  • Intellidial : Get easy access to dial your favorite contacts from your lock screen
  • Intelliscreen : Access your SMS, mails, calendar etc… on your Lockscreen (or LockInfo)
  • iPicMyContacts : Display the contact picture next to it’s name inside the contacts and favorites screens
  • iPod Remote Controller : This is the server for the iPod Remote Controller
  • iProtect : Security lock for your iPhone, protect all your apps, contacts, dial, photos and files with a strong password
  • iQuickCall : Call your favorite number quickly by Activator’s Gesture
  • iRealSMS : Get a real SMS service
  • iRemix : Enhance your iPod experience with some features 
  • iReply : reminds you at convenient moments there are still unanswered important text messages
  • iScheduler : Automation tool on iPhone, scheduler your iPhone 
  • iSilent : Define automatically your iPhone in silent mode when you are in meeting or anything else
  • iSNES : Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator for iPhone / iPod Touch
  • iStrings : Easily change thier system default strings (“Slide to unlock” etc…) in a nice and clean interface
  • iTracker : Help you to recover your iPhone in case you lose it
  • iWep PRO : WEP/WPA cracking utility which relies on exploiting the default key generation algorithms of routers
  • iWhiteboard :  Draw on any app, even 3D games, YouTube, and live camera images, etc…
 – K – 
  • Keep Text New : Keeps any text message you want as new in order not to forget it
– L – 
  • Landscape Lock Rotation : Lock the application you want in Landscape mode with Multitask Lock button
  • LightBright : The easiest way to adjust brightness on your iPhone
  • ListLaunched : Launch your apps quick with Spotlight
  • LockDown Pro : Password protect any of your applications
  • Lockdown (Pro) SBSettings Toggle : SBSettings toggle for the application Lockdown Pro
  • LockInfo : Customize your lockscreen to get the information you need, when you need it
  • LockToDo : Allows the management of day to day tasks on your LockScreen
  • LocktoPus : Password-protect individual apps DIRECTLY from SpringBoard
  • Longitude : Keep the location of your iPhone up-to-date with Google Latitude
  • LSRotator : Rotate your LockScreen (or SBRotator)
– M –
  • Mail Enhancer : Multiple signatures, Custom Notifications, Quiet Hours, Highlighting, Show Unread Only, HTML usage
  • Mail Rules : Extension that can apply rules to new mail as it arrives
  • MarkThatMessage : Timestamps for ALL messages(SMS/MMS)
  • Masks : Shape your own SpringBoard icons
  • MeCanto : Listen to your entire music collection on your iPhone and on the web
  • MCallShow : Let you know the information of the phone number, like which network that number belongs to
  • MiTime : Fix this issue to activate FaceTime
  • MobileLog : Complements the iPhone standard application to manage incoming and outgoing calls (or Recent Call Delete)
  • MobileNotifier : An open source reimplementation of the iOS notification system
  • Mobile Kiosk : Quickly access system information no matter what application you are in
  • Mobile Profiles : Create custom profiles with iPhone system settings
  • Move Lockscreen To Unlock : Lets you unlock your iDevice by simply moving the lockscreen out of the way
  • mQuickDo : Operate iPhone easily, like exit a program, reboot or power off, switch or quit a task, etc… (or QuickDo)
  • MultiCleaner : Replace the Apple multitasking by a real one
  • Multifl0w : Visual multitasking for the iPhone and iPad
  • MultiMusicInfo : Show you all of the information of the song right in the Multitask playing bar
  • MusicBarExtended : Provide a pleasing method of controlling your music from your status bar
  • Music Controls Pro : Gives you native ways to control your music
  • mSecret : Security software, specially developed for iphone to keep your information
  • My3G : Make your apps believe that they are on WiFi instead of 3G (or 3G Unrestrictor)
  • MyOS : Easily enable or disable iOS4 features on your iDevice straight from Settings.app
  • MyProfiles : Adjust how your iPhone behaves based on time, location, connected devices, low battery, and more
  • MyStrings : Easily change their system default strings in a nice and clean interface
  • MyWi : Create a WiFi HotSpot with a press of a finger (or PdaNet) 
– N – 

  • Navigate From Maps : Navigate with your GPS application installed to the location indicated into Maps
  • NotesFont : Set the font names and sizes of note titles and note contents in MobileNotes app
  • Notified Pro : Add notifications in your iDevice
  • Notifier + : Give the ability to create and schedule reminders for many kinds of events
  • Notify Pro : Send SMS, Call, Email, and Push notifications to any PC/Mac machine that is running Growl
– O – 
  • Overboard : Suickly switch between page to page of SpringBoard
– P – 
  • Page2D : Scroll your icon pages horizontally AND vertically
  • PagePreview : Preview all your SpringBoard pages without leaving your current page
  • PanicRoom : Clear all your personal needs, such as: SMS/MMS, Every Email Account, All Phone Logs etc…
  • Panorama : Bring the ANDROID’s panoramic wallpaper to the iPhone
  • Parallax : Scrolling wallpaper for your iPhone like Android
  • PdaNet : Turn your iPhone into a true WiFi router for your computer to go online through 3G (or MyWi
  • PerPage : Set a wallpaper for every single springboard page
  • PhoneHint : Quick contacts search from the Mobile Phone keypad
  • Photomail : Send any photo directly via Mail.app
  • Pirni Pro : Network sniffer for the iPhone/iPod Touch that includes a native ARP spoofer
  • PkgBackup : Backup application that allows you to back up and restore all Cydia packages installed in your iphone
  • PlaceTrack : Background updater for Google Latitude
  • PlayAwake : Use iPod music as alarm clock sound
  • Plugged In : Adds a preference to Settings that lets you launch an app when power is plugged in
  • PopMark : Mark all email messages as read for POP accounts
  • Popup Blocker : Control the annoying alerts that popup all over your iPhone or iPod
  • Power Alerter : Get alerts (visual, haptic and audio) if the charge of your iOS device will drop under a certain percentage
  • PurgeSent : Remove all Sent Items from iPhone for POP email accounts
  • psx4all : Game emulator of Playstation
  • PwnMail : Send free fake emails to anyone
– Q – 
  • qTweeter : Tweet and update your Facebook status
  • QuickDo : Add a virtual Home on your Lockscreen
  • QuickReply for SMS : Reply to a SMS quickly from your Lockcreen or directly from an application
– R – 
  • Recent / CallLog Delete : Remove one by one calls in your recent call list (or CallClear)
  • RecognizeMe : Facial Recognition for iOS to unlock your iPhone
  • RemindMeLater : Calendar reminders the way they were meant to be
  • Resupported : Play videos on your TV
  • RetinaPad : Enables Retina Display for iPhone apps running on the iPad
  • Ringtone Shuffler : Every time a call comes in you hear a different custom ringtone that you have put on your phone
  • RockRing : Change your iPhone Ringtone at pre-defined time
  • roqyBT : Connect your iPod Touch / iPhone to a GPS bluetooth device
– S – 
  • Safari Download Manager : Extension that adds a download manager to the iPhone’s web browser
  • SBRotator : Permit your icons to adapt themselves to your springboard in landscape mode(or LSRotator)
  • SBSchedule : Define profile groups of SBSettings on/off toggles state enabled on scheduled times
  • SBSimplify : Set any gesture actions to hide or show the Dock and the Status Bar
  • SBSwitcher : Brings the power of SBSettings to the simplicity of the app switcher bar
  • ScreenDimmer : Save battery life by automatically dimming your device’s screen after a pre-defined time
  • ScreenRecorder : Take videocaptures of your screen for 45sec (or DisplayRecorder)
  • ScrollingBoard : Lets scrolling unlimited icons and folders in your dock
  • Shrink : Downscale your SpringBoard icons so that you can fit more on one page
  • Signal : Map the cell towers you are connected to and display detailed cellular information
  • SilenceNow : Automatically mutes the ringer on your phone when you pick it up
  • SilentMode Switcher : Toggle Silent mode using Activator events and disable the hardware switch
  • SleepFX : Enjoy stunning effects when the screen dims
  • SlideAway : Allows you to access the apps you use the most without having to unlock the device thanks to shortcuts
  • SMS Counter : SMS Counting app 
  • SMS Enhancer : Enhances your SMS experience with contact pictures right at your SMS app and timestamps
  • Snappy : Enable to take photos while running any app on your iPhone screen without having to close it
  • SnapTap : Take photos or videos with lateral buttons of volume (or FastSnap)
  • Snes4iPhone : Super Nintendo emulator for the iphone and iPod Touch (or iSNES)
  • Speed Intensifier : Enhances the speed of your iDevice
  • Splash : Set your personal picture, wallpaper or loading screen as splashscreen on every app launch
  • SpringClean : Tidy away various SpringBoard elements
  • SpringSorter : Display to the top of your Springboard the most used applications on your iPhone
  • Springtomize : Customize your device, in all of its aspects: from its capabilities to the look of your SpringBoard
  • SpringVibe : Select the vibratin mode you want on the application you want 
  • Stealth Cam : Use the Camera app to take photos or shoot videos with the screen off
  • SwirlyMessage : Send and receive real SMSes and MMSes with your iPad 3G
  • SwitchBoard : Custom options for the switcher bar
  • SwitcherSettings : Allows you to have your settings toggles when you open your application switcher
  • Synchronicity : Use your device while it syncs with iTunes
– T – 
  • Tapp : Launch multiple applications using a single icon
  • TetherMe : Enable native tethering
  • Tlert : pleasing UI, and LANDSCAPE replies SMS from any app, including the Lock Screen
  • ToneFXs : Customize your iPhone’s sounds
  • TruPrint : Print to most network printers
  • TV Tube Sleep : Makes your screen turn off like an old TV tube when you press the sleep button
  • TwitScreen : Use Twitter directly from your Lockscreen
– U – 
  • UNFolder : Delete a folder with a single tap instead of dragging out all applications
  • UniScribe : Create, open, save, and delete notes from inside all your apps
  • Universal Search : Plugin for Spotlight feature which will permit you to use instant search on the web
– V –
  • VideoLock : Lets you lock the screen of your iPhone, iPod, or iPad without pausing video playback
  • VoiceActivator : Customize iOS Voice Control
  • VoiceNotifications : allows you to have your iPhone say what you want when you receive a SMS or Phone Call

– W – 
  • WiCarrier : Replace Your iPhones Carrier Name With Connected WiFi Network
  • WiFi Analyzer : Detect and display the information of all wireless networks around you
  • WiFi Booster : Enhances the Wi-Fi networks list to display all networks in range by removing the signal level limit
– X – 
  • xPod : Music player that plays directly from the filesystem without the need for iTunes
– Y – 
  • YFiSelect : Give you quick access to your WiFi network options from anywhere
  • YourTube : Addon to YouTube application on your iDevice which permits you to download videos
  • YourTubeHD :  same addon as YourTube but for iPad
  • yxFlash : Video player for mobile devices supporting iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad


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