Play as a soccer ball, taxicab, penguin, Easter Island statue, nesting dolls, baseball glove, or sumo wrestler. MONOPOLY HERE & NOW: The World Edition for iPad ($9.99) by Electronic Arts takes the classic board game to a new level. Playing can either take place against the computer, using tabletop mode (as if your iPad was a game board), or over a LAN.

You can customize the house rules, such as getting money for landing on Free Parking , distributing properties at the start, or even a turn timer. A sleight of hand menu also allows for three special abilities that can each be used once: trick dice (pick any number to move between three and 11), property grab (build a house for free after completing a color group), and rent dodge (pay only half of the rent).

Fans of Monopoly will appreciate playing it on the iPad. Those looking for nostalgia with the classic properties, like Boardwalk and St. Charles Place, would probably want to go with Monopoly HD.
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