Recently, iOS 5 Beta 3 was released for developers. since the release we’ve been hearing about the new features in iOS 5 Beta 3. iOS 5 Beta 1 featured AirPlay mirroring for the iPad, now iOS 5 Beta 3 allows you to mirror FaceTime calls to Apple TV 2G as well.

To use AirPlay mirroring you must install iOS 5 Beta 3 on both your iPad and Apple TV 2G.
AirPlay mirroring had good reactions from the users in the previous betas. But there was a drawback. AirPlay mirroring didn’t support FaceTime, meaning that your calls could not be viewed on the big screen via AirPlay. Now iOS 5 Beta 3 brings FaceTime AirPlay mirroring support. But will AirPlay mirroring support of FaceTime be avialable to end users in the final version of iOS 5.


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