Google+ was launched two weeks ago, And people who managed to get a Google+ account may now be staggering how to acquire services from their iOS devices, Since there is no Google+ official app is available now. Here’s how to upload pictures from your iDevice to Google+.

You Will Need:
  • An iPod touch,iPad or iPhone running iOS 4.0 or Latest.
  • Google+ account
  • Piconhand, a fee Picasa client for iOS.
Step 1: Suppose you have downloaded ‘Piconhand’ already.Roll over to iOS settings > Location services,then search for PiconHand and ensure that location services for this app must have enabled.
Step 2: You will need to launch Piconhand and open your Google account.You should now look your albums,create a new and name it whatever you like.
Step 3: You will see at the bottom bar,press ‘upload’.You will see there is a list of all the images stored on phone and also the option to take one,Select the images you want to upload then strike the ‘upload’ button and wait for couple of minutes.
Step 4: Now all the images you have uploaded must be visible on your Google+ library. 

And that’s it your photo’s is on Google+ .



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