Samba, It’s Windows SMB protocol that let’s you access devices over network, has been ported to iOS. This will enable you to access your iDevies over a Wi-Fi network using windows.

The default configuration for Samba on iOS gives you read-only access to most of the file system and write access to an empty storage directory. We recommend reading about Samba and how to configure it to do what you want (the configuration file resides in /etc/samba/smb.conf) if you want more control over the sharing.
This is useful in this cases
  •  Going to your friends and using your iDevice as an portable storage device which works over WiFi without needing any file copying software on their Windows machine.
  •  Browsing your photos from your favorite photo viewer on your computer over WiFi.
  •  For the advanced users you can have full streaming access to your iDevice files from your computer. 
It’s avaiable for downloading on cydia under BigBoss Repository.
Via | BigBoss



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