A few days ago from release JailbreakMe 3.0, Bethan Lloyd Apple spokesman, confirmed the upcoming release of a new version of IOS that will fix “some problems reported by customers.” Obviously the problem is just one of the exploit and it is used by Comex to run the jailbreak with his tools.

As was the case with version 2.0 of JailbreakMe, released about a year ago, the problem lies in the possibility for a hacker to run unsigned code on the device contained within a PDF file that is downloaded by the user a totally invisible. In the case of JailbreakMe, this code contains only the files and instructions for configuring Cydia on your device, but that does not prevent malicious users from other devices instead of infecting with malicious code or other unauthorized software.

Apple is so run for cover to close this loophole is now known to everyone and not just Comex, and (especially) once again to prevent the execution of the jailbreak through mobile Safari, especially in the company store . Most likely the numbers will correspond to the version 4.3.4 firmware, which at this point will be the last update before the iPhone OS 5.



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