Are you a sudden? Yes, those are true we have some news that the most-famous hacker computer Geohot behind LimeRa 1 n jailbreaktool which is still used today to tools jailbreak iOS. In any case is dissapeard for some time but today we found that George Hotz (known as Geohot) works in fact for Facebook since May , but why think Geohot work for Facebook?
Control Geohot below :

Back to Facebook Geohot surprised all the members of the Dev-team and especially my P0sixninja who made ​​a video that speaksabout the return of Geohot seconds. Surprisingly, you can not addGeohot on Facebook, where there is no “add as a friend” button.Interesting, right?

Now give us your thoughts about what kind of work is he doing for Facebook?


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