What is problem with iOS? Are you an iOS developer? You need to be an iOS developer to install iOS !. These were samples of comments on Facebook and Twitter, All are revolve around HOW TO INSTALL IOS 5 BETA 2 WITHOUT DEVELOPER ACCOUNT, but the fun comment is:
I’m a lucky, I know a friendly neighborhood developer who will add my UDID to his developer account. (Read More About UDID Below)

For the unlucky guys, here is a simple steps and nice video showing the best way I think to install it, But please Watch this video first, then follow the steps: 

1. Press Home button on the iPhone’s Activation Screen.
2. Tap the “Emergency Call” button.
3. Dial 112 (presumably this needs to be your local number, though we’ve not tried it ourselves) and press the Call button.
4. Press Home button.
5. Tap “Touch to return to call”
6. Press Home button.
7. Open “Phone” app and End Call.
8. You did it

How To Know Your UDID Using InfoDev App:
Simply there is an App called InfoDev which help you to find some useful information about your iPhone like knowig UDID and the verison of the installed iOS, anyway there is too many feautres comes with InfoDev App. (see the photo)

If you looked at the photo above you will find that the App is divided to four parts which are :

  • Device: Device information about which version of IOS UDID and installed;

  • Network: identifies the IP address and MAC address of your device;
  • Hardware: Displays the CPU frequency, the system bus and information related to the RAMProcess: Identifies all processes running on our device.

Also InfoDev supports IAD and contains a form that allow you sending data via email

Finally if you liked InfoDev App you can get it from the App store for free 




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