Great beauty captures me, but a beauty still greater frees me even from itself.
As we post few days ago Apple mentioned 10 major features out of (more than 200 features), one more feature (and big one) of new iOS 5 features is the ability to use your iPhone or idevice while it is syncing with iTunes.

The new feature of iOS 5 discovered by Nadal at IDBat past, you couldn’t use yours while it was syncing. With the new feature say it is from the past.

The image shows the new “syncing” icon is running in the status bar, but I can still “slide to unlock” to use my iPhone. Jailbreakers might already be familiar with this feature as it was first made possible with Synchronicity…

Finally, we can now both sync and text at the same time, that is, if you’re not using iCloud Sync of course.



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