A new bunch of accessibility improvements come with iOS 5, One of them is the AssistiveTouch feature which allows you to:

  • Use your device with adaptive accessories
  • Create your own gestures
  • Custom vibrations, on a per-contact basis


Example: If you’re in a meeting and your device is in silent mode, you can tell when your wife is calling based on a vibration pattern – how cool is that?

But why stop there? Combine custom vibrations with LED flash on incoming calls, ringtones, the iTunes Tone Store where you can buy custom alert sounds and deep Twitter integration which automatically adds Twitter user names and photos to your contact cards and suddenly iOS 5 looks pretty strong in the customization department.
Here’s the guides to customizing vibrations for your contacts…


  1. Enable custom vibrations by checking the Custom Vibrations button in the General
  2. Accessibility
  3. Custom Vibrations section of the Settings app.
  4. Assign unique vibration patterns to people in Contacts, similar to ringtones.
  5. Pick a contact in the Contacts app
  6. Hit the Edit button and tap Vibration right below the Ringtone field.
  7. (You can pick among five preset vibration patterns (Alert, Heartbeat, Rapid, S.O.S. and Symphony) or create your own using the recording interface.
  8. Tap to begin recording a custom vibration pattern. Each tap represents a short vibration. You can tap as many times as you like during the 30-second window.
  9. When you’re satisfied, hit the Save button, name your pattern and assign it to any contact you like.
  10. To change the default pattern for everyone:
  11. Go to the Sounds section of the Settings app and change your preference in the Vibration Patterns section at the bottom.


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