Starting with over 200 million iOS devices and that makes iOS the #1 mobile operating system. With more than 44% of the market… They sold 25 million iPads in 14 months. Over 130 million books downloaded. 90,000 apps made specifically for the iPad. Apple has paid out more than 2.5 billion to devs. Now lets talk about the future of iOS: iOS 5.


They’ve built something better than you expected for notifications. They’ve built something called Notification center. It’s a single place combining all your notifications. Just swipe your finger from the down up to reveal the notification center. It shows you everything, Facebook notifications, Twitter and everything you need. When you get a text message, you get a nice notification at the top there. You can dismiss it, or tap there and you can always go back later.

It’s all about reading news and magazines. They’ve added subscription lately. Some incredible titles are doing it, like national geographic. They created a single place in the app store that combines them all at one place, purchase them, and they’re automaticly downloaded right on the home screen

They’ve made it more and more easier. You go to settings app, and you can just enter your credentials and all your apps will already be logged into your twitter. They added twitter to many of our apps. Like Cameras, photos. There is a new option to share: Tweet and it opens a nice sheet. YOu can get a countdown and even optionally add your location. It’s that simple. In addition, you can tweet articles from safari, websites. VIdeos from youtube, and even apps

iOS 5 is making safari even better. The first is reader. It’s available up here as abutton. When you read a story, you tap that button and we extract all the info. Even if it’s a multi page story. WE put it in a single scrolling story. Really convenient. Second one is reading list. It’s a simple convenient way for you to save a story to roead it later. When you add something, it will add it to reading list on every iDevice. Even on the mac or Windows. When you email now too, you can have the content in the content window. It works great on iPad and iPhone. Really nice.

Tab Browsing:
This features enables you to jump on the mac or any other iOS device easily.

The Reminder Up:
It’s a new revemaped system of the reminder. That’s it.

First, it’s gonna be way faster to get in and take a photo. Just hit the new iCon, and you’re right there. Even if you have a passcode and you can hit the camera from the lockscreen. You can also take picture with the volume up button (remember Camera +?) You can now pinch to zoom within the camera. If you hold your camera you can lock exposure. This is a really advanced feature, and we brought it tothe iPhone. ONce that you take these photos, you can edit them right in your iPhoen or iPad. Rotate, red eye reduction.

Mail is one of the most used applications on iOS. We’re making it even better. Rich text formating, bold, underline. You can control indentation. Drag the address across fields. Also: search the entire content of your emssage on your phone and the server. It’s really nice to use this. You can swipe and so on. Also, we added more support for entreprise customers. This time we’re adding X-Mime. you can use certificates, and get that locked iCon that says your mail is encrypted.

New Keyboard to iPad:
Since the revolution iPhone, we revollutionzed the keyboard. They’re making it even better. For those who like to type with thumbs. It’s a split keyboard that moves around with your thumbs

You can now setup and activate device right on the go without need to PC, yes without PC. Now you can add and delete calendars right from iOS. And surprisingly they’re letting people update over-the-air.

Game Center: 
You can fight for achievement points. Compare with friends, have recommended friends.

They’re launching a new messaging system for all customers. It supports iPad, iPod and iPhone. It does everything plus it adds some new features as delivery receipts. You can always enter and go out, the content of the conversation is saved. It works 3G and Wifi. All encrypted. It allows you to send and receive messages while you’re playing games.


iOS 5 will ship to all of our customers this fall. iOS 5 will be available to developers tonight. We’ll of course upload the betas of iOS 5 on our servers to let our users have fun with it before it’s being released. Please follow us !



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