Mmm.. well guys, iH8sn0w has just unvieled his new project, he just announced iFaith tool, iFaith is an SHSH dumper that allows you to dump SHSH of your current iOS firmware on the device even if Apple closed signing.

Here’s what iFaith can do:

If you are running iOS 4.0 now on your iDevice, you won’t be able to save SHSH blobs as Apple closed siging for this old firmware, but here’s the value of iFaith comes, iFaith allows you to save SHSH blobs for any iOS version. It’s also importatnt to know that this only works if your device is susceptible to Limera1n-exploit-based jailbreak tools.


How iFaith Works and Why iFaith will be a usful tool :

  • Because it dumps SHSH physically onto your device, it alleviates issues with having to upgrade to a firmware that is not currently jailbreakable.
  • For example, if you buy another iDevice, it comes with a preloaded iOS version. Even if that version is currently jailbreakable, when Apple updates the firmware to a new version, they not longer need to sign signatures on SHSH blobs for lower versions.
  • This means that you no longer have SHSH retrieval for that particular firmware. If you run into an issue of restore or device corruption, you have to update to the latest firmware and have no way of downgrading. With iFaith, you’re now able to place SHSH blobs directly onto your device thus removing an issue of unnecessary iOS upgrading.
  • Programs like TinyUmbrella and Cydia are able to store SHSH blobs but are limited in capabilities. These programs do not allow physical retrieval of SHSH blobs and they only can retrieve SHSH blobs that are currently signed by Apple. For this reason, the SHSH blobs are on a time constraint.

iFaith Supported devices:

  • iPhone 4, 3GS
  • iPod touch 4G, 3G
  • iPad

iFaith will be avialble for Windows on the below link within few hours. Mac users, don’t worry, iFaith will be available soon for you.

Download iFaith for Windows

Update: Full guide for using iFaith – Click Here



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