Often cracked as a joke online, people say that one should by any domain name that starts with the letter “i”, considering the fact that most of Apple’s blockbuster products have the letter “i” in their names. It was recently rumored that Apple bought the iCloud.com domain for $4.5 million, and now it is being said that the company is trying to buy back iPods.com. Apple currently owns the iPod.com domain.

No one knows that Apple will do with iPods.com, our guess is that it will just redirect to the iPod product pages on Apple’s website, however, Apple has filed a complaint with ICANN that the iPods.com domain name be transferred back to the company considering that it infringes upon Apple patents. Typically, a complain with ICANN is launched after the company fails to negotiate successfully with the owner of such domains.

The possibility of Apple buying, or trying to buy iPods.com still exists. The company also allegedly paid for iCloud.com, a service that is going to be unveiled at WWDC 2011. The domain iPods.com doesn’t redirect you anywhere as of now, and we have yet to see where it leads to when or if it is finally acquired by Apple.

iPods rule the music player market, there’s no doubt about that, the only doubt that comes to mind is that why Apple never really bought the iPods.com domain name when it originally came out with the product back in 2001. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.



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