Is it too early to start talking about iPad 3 components? Until now we didn’t finish the next generation of iPhone, and Apple is certifying display manufacturers which include the normal players: LG and Samsung.

Why? digitimes explaines, Apple has begun certifying components for iPad 3 and many Taiwan-based makers are actively participating.

According to component makers, the timing for the launch of iPad 3 should be in 2012. Taiwan-based firms think iPad 2 will become the mainstream and Apple will lower its price to compete with other tablet PCs.

What can I say, When I read this types of quotes, I always begin to read any real book, this time I’m reading Gibran Khalil Gibran:

On my way to the Holy City I met another pilgrim and I asked him, “Is this indeed the way to the Holy City?”And he said, “Follow me, and you will reach the Holy City in a day and a night.”And I followed him. And we walked many days and many nights, yet we did not reach the Holy City.And what was to my surprise he became angry with me because he had misled me.

Imp0rtant P0sts Fr0m



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