Many users have reported “erratic” behavior of the trackpad or a “sticky” cursor for lack of bettor words.

It has been said to be thought that it is caused by hardware issues, rather than lack of up-to-date, missing software, or software issues.

There have also been some speculations that it could be caused by heat, or excess humidity, especially while charging. But nobody is reporting evidence of water/moisture to their systems after reporting to Apple.

I found an article written by a user that has been having this same problem for quite some time now, and it seems like everyone i know or have spoken with that has this issue, describe it in the same manor.

Please read the following article, posted by a user on Apple Discussion Forums:

If i place my hands on either side of my trackpad as if i were typing and then release them both at the same time, a tapping/clicking noise occurs from around the right side of the trackpad. Its not the same type of click that the trackpad itself makes, it sounds more like something sticking lightly to the inside of the case and then unsticking when i remove my hands. I just removed the battery to have a look under the trackpad and around the Battery bay but it doesn’t look like theres anything there, and it doesnt make the noise when the battery isn’t in the Macbook. The harder i press and then release, the louder the noise (even though it is still relatively quiet). While writing this post, it seems it only makes a clicking noise when i take my right hand off from resting on the casing.”

Here are some methods to fix this problem:
(1) Go to System Preferences > Keyboard and Mouse > Trackpad, and uncheck Ignore accidental trackpad input. Turned that feature off and you haven’t had any further problems with the trackpad not responding.

(2) Watch this video and follow the mechanical steps

(3) Personally, I would not recommend taking off the bottom cover, and removing the battery, due to the fact that this WILL risk voiding any warranties you may still have on your MacBook.

(4) If you are still covered by the “Apple Care” Protection Plan, please take your MacBook into your Local Retail Store to have this issue fixed, or possibly replaced.


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