Yes, it seems the Day of Apps.
An hour ago, a new app called Photofon is released, from the name we can conclude many, specially photos, but before anything, it comes by Echofon (makers of a popular Twitter client for Mac and iOS devices).

The new app:
First: strips away all content from your Twitter timeline to display photos shared by people you follow
Second is the amazing: because you follow hundreds of users, many photos are skipped because either you don’t care about what people are doing or you just following someone for his news he posts, and you don’t want to see his photos (For me and because I work almost alone at, sometimes people I follow share photos I really don’t care about or don’t add anything to the experience of being on Twitter to discover interesting new content, and not kittens. But other times, these people share some beautiful iPhone photography that I don’t want to miss, Photofon is a Twitter client built around photos. Whether they’re shared on Instagram,, the omnipresent Twitpic, Flickr or yfrog (I haven’t been able to test other services), these photos will show up against a minimal dark background that doesn’t distract, and makes colors truly shine on the iPhone 4′s Retina Display.

The original tweet is displayed alongside buttons to fave and retweet, so you won’t forget about sharing or saving that photo you really loved. Pinch and zoom gestures allow you to see a photo in greater detail, and pull-to-refresh at the top does just what you expect. I’ve noticed the app loaded around 30 photos from my timeline, and I’d definitely like to see a button to load more, because if I’m going to fire up a client only to see photos, I want to see them all.
What are More:

  • Automatically keeps unread tweets in sync between your computer, your iPhone and your iPad.
  • Make viewing and sharing photos, videos, locations, and links and more super simple!
  • Can notify you of mentions and messages. Duplicate alerts are avoided and you can set a sleep period.

Photofon is free and available for:

  • iPhone: Download from here.
  • Mac: Download from here.
  • Firefox: Download from here.
  • Windows: Comming soon

It’s not universal, but it’s a neat way to check out Twitter’s photography on your iPhone without getting lost amidst news and trends.



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