Apple to Rlease Security Update to Remove Malware. A document surfaced on Apple’s website today revealing the company’s plans on releasing a Mac OS X update in the next couple of days to automatically detect and remove Mac Defender, a popular malware currently circulating and infecting Macs.

Mac Defender started spreading at the start of May when hundreds of users reported a malware-scanning application they did not want to install. The utility can only be activated through a manual installation though the installation file was often automatically downloaded by visiting sites without the user’s permission.

Last week, it was suggested that Apple instructed employees not to aid customers in removing the malware from their computers, but to suggest anti-virus software available on the App Store. This turned out to be highly controversial;the refusal to help out mac users seemed very unlike Apple. However, it seems that Apple was working on a solution that would automatically fix this issue for all of its users with an OS X update.

“A recent phishing scam has targeted Mac users by redirecting them from legitimate websites to fake websites which tell them that their computer is infected with a virus. The user is then offered Mac Defender “anti-virus” software to solve the issue. This “anti-virus” software is malware (i.e. malicious software). Its ultimate goal is to get the user’s credit card information which may be used for fraudulent purposes. The most common names for this malware are MacDefender, MacProtector and MacSecurity.

In the coming days, Apple will deliver a Mac OS X software update that will automatically find and remove Mac Defender malware and its known variants. The update will also help protect users by providing an explicit warning if they download this malware.”


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