According to Thisismynext, Apple may release a 64GB iPhone 4 by this summer. We had heard rumors about the 64GB iPhone 4 when the iPhone 4 was originally launched, but a 64GB variant was never released. However, according to this recent development, a 64GB iPhone 4 release may be possible soon enough.

A third party Verizon reseller called Russell Cellular has circulated a memo in which a 64GB iPhone 4 is mentioned. Now it could have merely been a typing mistake, but the source thinks otherwise.

Apple wouldn’t have to go through much hassle in order to produce a 64GB iPhone 4, as a 64GB iPod touch 4G already exists in the market. One of the reasons why Apple may release an iPhone with 64GB of storage capacity may be because there is no confirmed launch date as yet of the next-generation iPhone. Some say that the next iPhone won’t be released as late as 2012, so its only logical for Apple to offer a refreshed version of its signature smartphone to iPhone lovers this summer.


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