According to the Square Enix’s official Facebook page, Final Fantasy Tactics is (finally) due for release on the iPhone in either June or July.

About one year ago Square Enix announced at E3 that it would port the venerable (FFT) Final Fantasy Tactics to iOS, September 15 2010 was the supposing date, but The company initially didn’t offer a time frame for release, then said “Spring 2011,” which is now almost over with still no release.

Today Square Enix says that an (HD0 iPad version is in the works, and it offers as proof a couple of re-drawn graphics lacking the (jagginess) originally present in the game.

But now the development reaches the final step and we can see the actual schedule. Thus, YES, finally I can tell you when it will be released.

FFT: WoL will be on sale somewhere between late June – mid July. We have announced “It’s coming Spring 2011″ last year so we’re now working pretty hard for the release in June because July is not spring anymore.

We’re also making the iPad version which supports 1024x768px HD resolutions.

No details on pricing have been revealed yet, and information on the iPad version is scarce. It’s good, however, to see the game finally approaching public release after a year of waiting — I played both the original FFT on my PSX and FFT:WOL on the PSP, and I can’t wait to see how Square Enix will redraw controls for multitouch, or simply add new content for iPhone owners. 
[Thanks TUAW and macstories]
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