The guys over 9to5mac was able to get some leaked parts of iPhone 5 / 4S, they contacted some experts to know what do these parts indicated to, so that we can expect some new feature on the upcoming iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 in Black and White:
The below screenshot indicated to the availability of white and black iPhone 5 according to experts, but I think that is logically expected.

iPhone 5 will feature physical home button:
The below screenshot of dock connector disputes all rumors which claimed that iPhone 5 will not have home button

Apple preparing for something new:
The below screenshot shows that Apple moving the headphone jack flex motherboard connector, which mean that Apple is preparing to add something new, that may be beefier processor, more storage, a bigger battery, a better camera, a 4G chip, a Gobi CDMA/GSM chip, to NFC.



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