Get another way to modify the look of Apple’s iOS multitasking UI, as you can use your iPhone or iPod touch volume keys to change between applications using a new Cydia tweak called PhySwitch. Check it out in action after the jump.

Just like Multifl0w, PhySwitch presents running apps as windows, rather than icons. But unlike the aforementioned hack, PhySwitch doesn’t scroll through windows horizontally, like you would do on a computer or larger screen: considering the nature of the iPhone’s display, developer Pedro Franceschi opted for a vertical solution that makes much more sense on the iPhone, and uses the volume keys to let you cycle through apps. You can bring PhySwitch’s fast app switcher in the foreground with an Activator command you, and after that you’ll be able to quickly browse apps with the volume keys, or a vertical swipe. It’s really simple and, for some reason, I’ve come to use it on a daily basis.

PhySwitch is available at Cydia store via BigBoss repo, the tweak is not available for iPad and being sold for $1.99

Via | Macstories


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