After the presentation dell’iPad 2 we had seen pictures of Steve Jobs in public and in the new network had been published, unfounded, speculation about his health: iPhoneItalia, thanks to our friends Silvia and David shows you just Steve Jobs immortalized in Cupertino campus on April 25, the picture that shows how Apple’s CEO continues to go to work. Sign, this, that his health conditions are certainly not “dramatic” as some would have you believe.

The photo was taken April 25, 2011 at the Apple campus in Cupertino, the headquarters of Apple, from our friends Silvia and David. The two say they saw a black luxury car stop at the entrance and then, in disbelief, he saw get out of your Steve Jobs, but he was not driving.

Silvia and Daniel recognize him and approach him asking to have their photo taken with him, but Steve Jobs did not stop and his answer was succinct, “” It is not the case, then I have people waiting for me for a meeting . “

David, then, manages to make him a photo that shows a behind Steve Jobs dressed in his own way and with nothing in his hands. The news is important because many voices talking about Steve Jobs in a seriously ill and was forced to stay at home, without the possibility of moving its offices this image belies any speculation.

In short, it still has Jobs in Cupertino, work and meet the staff. E ‘in the middle of Apple’s decisions.

Here are more photos from the campus:

Imp0rtant P0sts Fr0m



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