According to iDB‘s source which is an employee at an Apple parts supplier, claimes that Apple is now making orders for two sets of parts, the first set is cutting edge and the second is more conservative. So, what do you expect ? What Apple intend to do ?

The source believes that Apple is going to bring two models of iPhone 5, one is “pro” version and other is “normal” version which scheduled to release next fall. Others interpreted these two differnt parts, that this may be for iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5.

Our source says that Apple is ordering components of similar function, but some of them are the very best of what you can get right now.

While the rest of the ordered components are just the standard versions, Apple is also ordering better quality components of the same function. Our source says that both types of components wouldn’t go in one device together, which makes him believe Apple is up to something with a ‘pro’ version.

We believe our source is reliable regarding this information. On top of that, we have also heard from an inside source at Apple that the iPhone 5(s) will definitely not be released until Q2 of this year. Apple’s internal revenue forecast for the next business quarter is the lowest it’s ever been, which means no new iPhone(s) until at least August or September.

Obbiously I don’t know this source, so that I can’t say that this rumor is accurate 100%,  but guys over iDB seem convinced of his legitimacy. Anyway let’s wait and see.

Note: The above images is merely a concept and not the real iPhone 5



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