Are you looking for a quick bit of good fun to “impress” your less computer-savvy family and friends with? Then you need Hacker Typer. Hacker Typer lets you produce awesome looking “1337 code” with just a few keystrokes.

Hacker Typer is a web site that lets you bash away at your keyboard and pretend that you’re writing the Linux Kernel just like they do in the movies and on TV. It’s pretty hilarious.

When you visit Hacker Typer you can select how your screen will appear and set the typing speed using the options available on the start screen. Click on Hack when you are ready to begin.

Once you have clicked through you get a fresh, clean screen and a blinking cursor to start with. Just begin typing with any combination of keys or hold down a single key such as theSpacebar and watch the hacker code pour forth!

what it looked like in full screen mode on our system. This could be a lot of fun to have displayed on that second monitor!

Imp0rtant P0sts Fr0m



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