Ability to record video, zoom in on photos, upload videos to YouTube and customize your iPhone’s background with themes. No, it is not the best answer of the question !, Why? Because with the release of the iPhone 4 and its new operating system, iOS 4.x.x, those older reasons to jailbreak are no longer valid – they’re features of the either the new hardware or the operating system itself.

That may leave you wondering, besides the obvious, are there any reasons to still jailbreak the iPhone? Is iOS 4.x.x “good enough” now?

The answer is No, and Jay Freeman (aka Saurik) the creator of Cydia store for iPhone, iPod and iPad, showed us why we should jailbreak our devices in a video interview.

But before watching the video Please read our reasons !!

  1. Wi-Fi Hotspot
  2. FaceTime (and More!) over 3G
  3. Block Calls and Texts
  4. Block Calls and Texts
  5. Unlocking the Phone

Now You Can Watch Saurik’ Video But Please, no one tell me it is not enough reasons to jailbreak my iPhone, OR rearrange them specially my first (Wi-Fi Hotspot)
For any question you can comment and i’ll say why Wi-Fi Hotspot is no. one, why FaceTime is the second, ….

You Must Give a thanks for aka Saurik HERE. 



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