According to the @chpwn that Apple block all of Amazon to prevent saurik’s SHSH servers from accessing Saurik’s SHSH Servers is only way to help users to downgrade when you upgraded to new iOS bundle, and you lost all your jailbreak apps and Cydia. But still not confirmed by Saurik’s, Let’s wait for @saurik to chime in.

Below conversation between @saurik and @notcom.

Apple has blocked all of Amazon (where @saurik‘s SHSH servers are hosted) from accessing (Apple’s SHSH server). /cc @notcom.

Folks. We don’t know if apple banned saurik’s servers. Anyone saying so would be speculating. Let’s wait for @saurik to chime in.

Saurik’s is solved any Problems on using Saurik’s SHSH Servers the method.

@notco: I’ve gotten some reports that SHSHs are working right again when Cydia is checked. Give it a try and let me know.

@sauri: My SHSH proxy (which has never been run off of EC2) had a simple code sync SNAFU keeping it from saving “new” blobs. This has been fixed.



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