Popular iPhone Dev Team member MuscleNerd has confirmed that an untethered jailbreak working on the latest iOS 4.2.1 firmware is about to ready.iPhone Dev team have managed to exploit a hole they found in iOS 4.2 beta 3.MuscleNerd says no exploit is not new, just a reusable method and specifically for those who have saved the mentioned SHSH.

From his tweet:

Got “backup plan” for untethered 4.2.1 JB working (video coming up). Uses mysterious 4.2b3 hashes Cydia kept for you

(It’s a “backup plan” because comex is working on a more extensible one, but this method is also generalizable)

ipt4g 4.2.1 untethered JB w/4.2b3 kernel: http://is.gd/inE4e … Wastes no exploits, but upcoming @comex JB maybe better

Anyway, comex has confirmed that he will release his hacks to untethered iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak for Christmas so that means we’ll see iOS 4.2.1 untethered jailbreak before the end of 2011, and yes! in less than a month.

Checkout the video below:

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