DigiTimes: New iPad Mini With Retina Display Coming In October

According to a new report from DigiTimes this morning, the next generation iPad Mini will feature retina display, and is expected to be introduced in October. The report is in direct contradiction to the publication’s own scoop from earlier this week.

Remember on Monday, the Taiwanese outlet added to speculation that Apple was delaying the launch of its Retina iPad mini until 2014 due to panel shortages. But apparently, LG has made significant progress with its production, and it’s back on track for the fall…

Here’s the scope

“The sources also added that LG is reportedly making new headway in producing Retina panel technology for use in the next-generation iPad mini, and expects to ship about 2-3 million units a month in preparation for Apple’s expected October release date.”

I always wanted to use tablets with a retina display, so this is a very good news for users who love using iPads devices that feature retina display..

But here’s hoping that DigiTimes got it right this time, and the iPad mini will finally get a proper display this year. The current 1024×768 screen has been the one complaint that product reviewers have had with the tablet in their otherwise glowing reports.

Also DigiTimes says that the upcoming new iPad Mini will be lighter, smaller and more powerful than its predecessor…
So what do you think ?

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