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As soon as Apple finished its iPhone X keynote, the company has released the Golden Master of iOS 11 getting it out of beta phase. iOS 11 has set a new record with ten beta version released for a firmware. Apple has never done this with any previous iOS update.

ios 11 banner

The release of iOS 11 GM means that next update will be the final version of iOS 11. The Golden Master release is the last build of pre-release software and usually, this is the version that public will get unless something uncertain happens. For developers, Apple has released the final piece of the puzzle. Now they can build apps for the final version of iOS 11 and make them ready for the public consumption upon iOS 11 availability to masses.

iOS 11 is meant to be an evolutionary update. The main focus in iOS 11 is towards improving the productivity of iPad lineup. With iSO 11 Apple has introduced an all-new multitasking and Control Center. Apple has also merged the Lock Screen and Notification Center. Many stock applications have also seen major and minor redesigns.

iOS 11 GM build is only available to developers. Apple will release the final version of iOS 11 to the general public on September 19.

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