Apple has spent $38 million advertising the Apple Watch on television since its March 9th event, according to via Reuters. tracks U.S. TV ads and digital responses. It found that the “Watch Reimagined” campaign has cost the company about $38 million thus far. That’s just a little less than the $42 million Apple has spent in TV advertising for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus over the past five months.

“The iPhone 6 was a barn burner from the get-go. But with the Apple Watch, which is new product category with less familiarity, it makes sense that they’d go after it with more intensity,” said JMP analyst Alex Gauna.

It’s not hard to guess why Apple decided to beef up ad spending for the Apple Watch. The Watch is a brand new product for them, built for a relatively new category of devices (wearables), which many consumers outside of the tech world likely know little or nothing about.

Apple has aired the commercial spot over 300 times in the last month, on shows such as: AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball tournament and NBC’s talent competition “The Voice.” Airings were ramped up on Monday to capitalized on the NCAA final.



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