Leaked images of the rumored large-screened iPad appear to show a second accessory port on the side that device. The function of the port is unknown, but its appearance suggests it may be an additional lightning or a USB-C port. The pictures of the mockup with the mystery port first appeared on Sina Weibo and were published byHDBlog (Via MacRumors).

The unconfirmed photos show an iPad with the typical Apple logo, rear-camera, and side volume buttons. However curiously, there’s a port of some sorts on the left side of the device, something never before seen on the iPad line.
It’s not clear what type of port is being shown. However knowing Apple, it could be a second Lightning port, or more likely, a USB-C port that was first featured on the new MacBook.
Though questionable, these recent photos are similar to an earlier iPad Pro case leak that contained a similar hole on the left side of the device that then was thought to be a SIM card tray. This opening then disappeared in a subsequent leak from Nowhereelse.fr. These modifications are not concerning as such changes in the tablet’s design are expected as Apple refines the device during the testing and development phase.
Rumors suggest the iPad Pro may resemble the existing iPad Air with a larger display expected to measure between 12.2 and 12.9-inches. Hardware-wise, the table may feature Apple’s A8X processor, 2GB of RAM, and Touch ID. It also may include stylus support and USB ports for usage with an external keyboard or mouse. Apple is expected to unveil its larger tablet this fall along with new iPad Air and iPad mini models.
Should Apple ditch Lightning completely and just opt for USB-C as the new standard?


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