Apple Refunds Father $6000 For App Store Purchases By His 8 Years Old Daughter

If I have a small kid playing games or etc.. on my iPhone, I’m going to take all of the necessary steps to prevent them from making purchases in the App Store. You as a father you can disable IAP from your iPhone so that your kids can’t buy anything inside a game so that they waste your money.. And to be honest I wouldn’t leave my kids with real money…

Today we’ve got an interesting story to tell.. Take this story by UK’s Mirror publication, which went viral this weekend, about an 8-year-old girl racking up a staggering $6000 App Store bill on her father’s iPad by making several in-app purchases…

The Mirror reports:
“An eight-year-old girl ran up a massive £4,000 bill by playing free games on her dad’s iPad. Lee Neale said he may have to sell his car and two motorbikes after daughter Lily blew a small fortune in Apple’s iTunes App Store. The youngster spent more than £2,000 in six days paying for in-game upgrades and bonus content through 74 transactions.
Horrified Lee found out when the bank froze his account and banned him from withdrawing cash. He said the schoolgirl was unaware she was being charged “real money”. Lee, 43, fumed: “Lily is only eight and hasn’t grasped the concept of money.”

Lee is an aerospace engineer from Somerset, U.K. He said that his 8-years old daughter admitted to see him writing the password on his iPad when downloading apps from the App Store, and she used it to buy hundreds of IAPs from games like Campus Life and My Horse

Apple, of course, sent Lee dozens of e-mail receipts confirming Lily’s purchases, but he admits he didn’t notice them until it was too late. He called Apple to try and get them to erase the charges, explaining that she was only 8-years-old, but they refused to refund his money.

But for reasons that are still unclear, the Cupertino company has since decided to reverse its course. “Apple called me to say they will be refunding the money I have lost,” he told the outlet, “and apologized for closing my case so early.” The change of heart isn’t surprising.

IAP has been a problem for a thousands of people all over the world.. So would Apple develop it and try to make limits for the IAP ?
I thanks god because I am using IAP Cracker… What did I say right now ?!

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