A year ago, Apple`s late co-founder and ex-CEO announced the MacBook Air on the stage of the Cupertino campus.The MacBook Air featured a new thinner design, a higher-resolution display, a lighter body, flash SSD storage and battery life improvements.It was a revolution in the world of notebooks.

It was, However, taken off the launch after the 11th hour due to issues with the hinges. Apparently, the hinges were not strong enough to support the weight of the screen when retracted. Apple pulled the plug on the 15-inch and there was nothing heard of it ever since.

A month ago, we started hearing rumors about Apple preparing a new ultra-thin 15 inch to replace that was pulled off the launch a year ago.

The new 15 inch is rumored to feature Intel`s brand new 22 nm Ivy Bridge processors offering better performance as well as consuming less battery in the process.

We still have to ETA for the 15-inch MackBook Air.However, reports suggest it will launch in the first quarter, most likely in March.


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